Which size is my MacBook?

To help ensure you select the right skin, case or decal to fit your MacBook, please select the product model and size that corresponds to your model number in our sizing chart.You can find the model number on the underside of your MacBook. 

What is a decal?

Our decals are designed for you to personalise the appearance of your device and express yourself. Our decals provide inspiring print designs and artwork made from die cut vinyl that easily sticks to your device for as long as you wish, providing both a protective coating - made from the highest quality Mactac PVC material. This high-quality vinyl material allows for easy application and they can be easily removed without damaging your devices or leaving any sticky residue.

What is a skin?

Our skins are sticker-like in form. Our high-quality vinyl material allows for easy application, and removal. Our skins are intended to enhance the natural physical appearance of the device in its innate form; because let’s admit, they're beautiful au natural. Our skins do not add any volume to the overall look and feel of your device; rather they offer a simple (and did we say chic?) form or protection.

Do I need a Clear Hard Case protection for my MacBook?

If you're someone who frequently carries your MacBook with you we recommend selecting the Skin + Hard Case option as this offers enhanced protection. The case will snap to your device over your skin andprotects against scuffs and scratches that are often inevitable when you're on-the-go.

What material is your Clear Hard Case made from?

Our MacBook cases are made from light-weight polycarbonate (a commonly used form plastic). The polycarbonate is dense, making the case strong and durable, yet maintaining a sleek and elegant look for users. Again, the clear case is designed to snap over any of our skins. It can be either purchased with the skin or separately should you change your mind.

Will the skin damage my MacBook?

No, our skins are made with Mactac adhesive, one of the highest quality vinyl products on the market - the quality of our products is something we wont compromise on. Our skins are strong, durable, easy to apply and will not leave behind any sort of residue or film upon removal. In fact, the skin actually aids in the protection of your device exterior, and does so in style.

How do I find my exact MacBook model?

Simply click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen, then select About This Mac, finally click More Info and your MacBook model should display.

How do I care for my skin?

Any surface stains or markings may be removed with a soft damp cloth. For stubborn stains, we recommend using a very small amount mild soap and warm water. Avoid using any chemically based cleaners as this may damage the skin and the device.  Simply add a small amount of water to the cloth then gently wipe away the unwanted markings.

Why does my MacBook skin have cutouts in each corner?

MacBook Pro Non-Retina models in all sizes require these cutouts to ensure a perfect fit. Because the outer edges of the MacBook Pro Non-Retina models are rounded, these small incisions are required inorder for the skin to lay flat. These cutouts are not present on the skins for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina models as their edges are far less rounded than the MacBook Pro Non-Retina models. Without these incisions the skin would wrinkle in each corner which could result in the skin lifting over time

What skin should I purchase if I have an original Unibody MacBook?

Original Unibody MacBook’s are nearly identical in size to MacBook Pro Non-Retina models. Therefore, you will make this selection when buying your skin, MacBook Pro Non-Retina. Please be advised however our Hard Case protection option does not work with this model due to the slight difference in size.

What material is your iPhone case made from?

Our iPhone cases are constructed from high-quality polycarbonate (more commonly known as plastic). Our polycarbonate is very dense, making the case strong and durable, yet maintaining a sleek and elegant look for users. Our cases are finished with rubber oil, which makes them soft and silk-like to the touch.

Why don’t I have a tracking number with my order? How can I get a tracking number?

You may have selected standard shipping in which case there is no tracking number included. There is an option to track your order; however, in this case you would have had to select the international air or US with tracking option (which costs a little extra). Select this option if you would like your order tracked.

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What Size is My Device?

How to Select the Right Size to Fit Your Device:


To help ensure you choose the right case for your iPhone, please check the model and size against the chart below:


To help ensure you select the right skin, case or decal to fit your MacBook, please select the product model and size that matches your model number.
(See below for how to check your MacBook model number)

Product Model Size MacBook Model Numbers
 MacBook Air
11 inch
A1465, A1370
13 inch
A1466, A1369
 MacBook Pro 
13 inch (with DVD Drive) A1278
15 inch (with DVD Drive)
17 inch (with DVD Drive)

 MacBook Pro with Retina Display

12 inch 
13 inch  A1425, A1502
15 inch 

 MacBook Pro (2016)

13 inch (with Touchbar)
15 inch (with Touchbar)
13 inch (no Touchbar)

You can check the model number from the product information on the underside of your MacBook (see the images below).