Application Instructions

Application Instructions

These tips and instructions can be used for all of our devices. For decals we ship each item with a clear set of instruction - a video for which can be found here:
For our skins the Application process is quite straight forward but requires some patience and attention to detail for the best result. Please read the instructions completely before starting as you only get one go!

  1. Clean your device and hands thoroughly before you start. Avoid using solvents or cleaners on the device, a soft cloth is best, and be sure it’s dry. Work in a well lit, clean and stable space.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the skin pieces and where they go on your device. It is usually best to start with the smallest pieces first if you’re applying an iPad or iPhone skin. Peel from the backing paper slowly, being sure not to stretch or tear the skin, or let the backing touch other surfaces itself.

  3. For MacBook skins, start peeling the skin from the backing paper in the top right corner (Apple logo facing upright). When applying all skins, start by aligning the edges making sure they straight, while fitting the Apple logo cutout over the logo area. Take your time with this.

  4. Once you’re happy with the alignment of your skin, press the skin to your device. If a crease or small air bubbles form, don’t worry, the channeled Mactac vinyl adhesive allows for creases and bubble to be pressed and smoothed away.
What Size is My Device?

How to Select the Right Size to Fit Your Device:


To help ensure you choose the right case for your iPhone, please check the model and size against the chart below:


To help ensure you select the right skin, case or decal to fit your MacBook, please select the product model and size that matches your model number.
(See below for how to check your MacBook model number)

Product Model Size MacBook Model Numbers
 MacBook Air
11 inch
A1465, A1370
13 inch
A1466, A1369
 MacBook Pro 
13 inch (with DVD Drive) A1278
15 inch (with DVD Drive)
17 inch (with DVD Drive)

 MacBook Pro with Retina Display

12 inch 
13 inch  A1425, A1502
15 inch 

 MacBook Pro (2016)

13 inch (with Touchbar)
15 inch (with Touchbar)
13 inch (no Touchbar)

You can check the model number from the product information on the underside of your MacBook (see the images below).